Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Absolutely, we follow all WATL regulations in our Targets. Our facility has been inspected by location building inspections, fire inspections, etc. In fact, several local fire departments have thrown in our facility multiple time, groups that are employed by OSHA have thrown in our facility. Our coaches are trained in safety practices, and are not afraid to address things if our policies are not being observed. We have a policy that if there are safety violations, our team will politely address them. If they are not corrected, our manager will suspend play, and address the issue. If the issue continues, we will stop play without refund. Safety is PRIORITY.​

Are Kids Welcome?

First and foremost, Axe Masters Texas is a family-oriented business, we are family owned, and welcome kids of ALL AGES. Kids are welcome most times.  (Friday and Saturday nights we do have a restriction after 7pm of ages 12+) BYOB is still allowed at all times. Kids have to stay with their parties at all times; running or horse-play is not accepted.  Our staff will be watching for un-supervised children and will go get the parent if needed.  If the parent does not supervise their child, the party will be asked to leave without refund.

All Kids 15 and younger must have at least one adult in their party.

All Minor Waivers must be signed by the Youth’s Parent.

When Do You Pay?

The card on file at the 48-hour headcount adjustment period, there will be no refund for no-show guest.  We do not adjust down to lesser tickets after the 48-hour headcount adjustment period.  Additional tickets can be purchased on entry, if we have space available.

All tickets reserved within 48-hours of the start time of the event will be paid in full at the time of the ticket reservation.

No one enters the Arena without payment.  Spectators and parties over 20 people will require a wristband to enter.

We do allow you to adjust the party size up to 48 hours in advance of the party.

A 25% deposit is charged at the time of booking for all parties. The deposit does apply to the overall cost.

We require a single payer, no ticket splitting unless agreed to by Axe Masters Management.   If we agree to split the ticket, the host is responsible for any remaining balance.

Most of our coaches have a “cash share app” that you can access.  We will allow you to get cash from the front desk with your credit card (limit $20), note we will change a $3 service fee for providing cash with a credit card.  All Credit Card tipping is pooled with the staff.

Do we allow Walk-ins?

Yes, we certainly allow walk-ins, with available space.  Please note the arena does close 2 hours prior to posted closing time if we do not have reservations or active parties.   Walk-in pricing is non-discounted.  Call ahead on the day-of, is the same as our reservation discount pricing.

How Many People Per Target?

Our typical target assignment is 5 persons per target.   But we reserve the right to change all or some of the target assignments to 6 people per target depending on the arena configuration per night.

Can we Bring in Spectators?

Yes (parties of less than 20 people), for a $5 fee, limited to one person per reserved target in the Arena.  All others will have to stay in the Lobby Area.  Larger Parties, Spectators are part of the 5 to 1 target ratio.

We are having FUN, Can we add time?

Certainly, if available.  We do charge all added time at the 1 hour rate, not the 2 hour rate for the reservation discount.

Can You Bring Your Own Axe?

We know our customers love a good sharp object. If you have your own axe, we will be glad to inspect it and confirm if it can be thrown safely in our facility. For all other customers, AXE MASTERS supplies all axes, etc,   You supply the fun.​

Is Alcohol Allowed?

Yes, beer, wine, and spirits. Customers must follow all Texas Laws and League City Ordinances regarding BYOB facilities. If our coaches detect throwers as being intoxicated, they will be asked to stop play, and we will determine how the person will NOT drive away from the facility (DD, Uber, Manager take you home, etc.)   PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

If your entire party is intoxicated, the party will end and there will be no refund.  Guest arriving intoxicated will not be allowed to play, and the host will be responsible for the entire booked headcount.  If the entire party is intoxicated on arrival, the party will be counted as a “NO-SHOW” and the card on file will be charged.

All Parties that bring in Alcoholic Beverages, must show ID of proof of over 21 years of age.

Are Drugs Allowed?

We have a “ZERO” tolerance drug use policy in our facility, if you or your guests are suspected of using drugs (including smelling of odor of cannabis) prior to or during your event, your party will, end and will be asked to leave without refund.  If Prior-to, your party will be counted as a “NO-SHOW”, and charged to the card on file.  DO NOT SHOW UP HIGH!

Can We Bring Food Into The Facility?

Yes, you can bring in food, or order in food.  For parties of 15 or more we do have catering packages that range from Pizza, Burgers, BBQ, Fajitas or Italian.

Do I have to Sign a Waiver?

ALL persons, throwing or not, have to sign a waiver to enter the Arena, non-negotiable.  We have Kiosk in the lobby or you can go to the on-line waiver at the top of the webpage.  Minor waivers must be signed by the Parent or an adult that is part of the party.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

Please refer to our Booking and Cancellation Policies for cancellations of ANY reason.

Do We Have Bathrooms?

Yes, Men’s and Women’s, ADA Compliant.  MEN – The Men’s Room is the one with the YELLOW DOOR in the ARENA!!!!

Are We An ADA facility?

Yes​ we are, but if you have a guest with a disability, please call us.  If we can, we will position your party for the best experience of all.  For persons that require a chair with a back, please let us know.

Close Toed Shoes?

Yes a must!! If someone forgets we have shoes to rent for $3 with throw away socks.

Do You Sell Food Or Drinks?

Again, we are BYOB, so you can bring in your own food and/or drink (all drinks welcome).  Door Dash and others deliver to our facility all the time.  We also have a concessions, if you want a quick snacks and drinks.

And we do have catering packages (Pizza Bar, Burgers, BBQ, Italian, and Fajitas) for parties of 15 or more people that include all food, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Do You Have Ice And Coolers?

Coolers are welcome!!  We also have ice and coolers if you need one, no extra charge.

Do You Have Tables for My Party?

Yes, we have large party tables, tables at each target, side tables, and additional tables and chairs we can provide.

We also have three private party rooms.

What If We Are Running Late?

We will do everything to work with you, so Call, call, call. 281-724-1123

What If I Want To Book A Party Of More Than 20 People?

Call and we will have one of our managers talk to your to make sure we apply the correct discounts.